Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lifecycle of a new disease. Please write Congress!

* Do you believe undiagnosed infectious diseases?
* Has your doctor exhausted every commercially-available diagnostic available to mankind, but yet you still remain systemically undiagnosed and your body continues to be flipping out on itself?

Here is my two cents:

1) For your doctor to perform a new test on your body, they need to request it from the Rx companies/laboratories.

2) For the Rx company to manufacturer a new test, a scientist needs to discover something (new) and bring it to the marketplace.

3) For a scientist to be enabled to discover a new pathogen, they need to be granted resources/funding to conduct extensive research, control groups, etc. {If you do not believe in undiagnosed diseases, please return to top.}

4) For a scientist to granted resources/funding they need to write grant proposals and garner support from the public agencies / national organizations, such as The National Institutes of Health, Centers of Disease Control, etc.

5) For the NIH/CDC, etc to have funding to grant to scientists (in the form of restricted/unrestricted grants), they must receive it from the Senate (i.e. your taxes dollars).

6) Do you pay taxes?

7) For the Senators and legislatures to provide the appropriate apportionments to health funding, they need to hear support from YOU - THE TAXPAYER! {If you are not a taxpayer, return to Step 6.}

CALL TO ACTION: If you believe in undiagnosed infectious diseases (of any sort) and you are getting NO WHERE with your day-to-day doctors, what you have to do is start writing to the people WHO WORK FOR YOU and tell them where you want your tax dollars to go to!!

You can do it anonymously, if you want to. No need to put a return address on the envelopes (if you do not feel comfortable). It costs just $.39 and a little bit on your time and it will help save your life.

Find your reps/senators here:


If you live outside USA, I'm sure writing the White House couldn't hurt either --> http://whitehouse.gov/contact.

I don't care what country manufactures a test to diagnosis me.  :-P