Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sex, Politics, & Religion

Why is it that we tip-toe around so many of the important subjects, all of which have been the epicenter of my universe: sex, politics, and religion?

My days are filled with endless questions and yet nobody has any answers. It's no wonder I needed to learn how to meditate at the local Meditation Center because I spend my days in everlasting wonder.

One of the doctors at the viral epidemiology branch at the National Institute of Health/National Cancer Institute recently advised me to "Keep The Faith."  I came to him with questions about an undiagnosed acquired immune deficienc-causing pathogen -- spreading unleashed in the world's population -- and his words of advice to me were: "KEEP THE FAITH."

Has the world gone insane?  I mean seriously, what did he mean?  I still wonder....

- Did he mean faith in a flawed health care system that nearly pushed me over the edge?

- Did he mean faith in my doctors, who only recently learned how to listen to me, who have no idea how to treat me?

- Did he mean faith in my government, who shuffle my letters around, who showed up two weeks too late to millions drowning/homeless in the Gulf Coast, while "fighting" a very questionable war in Iraq?

- Did he mean faith in the "HIV/AIDS establishment," an entity that has spent TRILLIONS of dollars of OUR tax money on a flawed paradigm?

- Did he mean faith in the Big Pharma companies, who get rich pumping toxic medications into HIV+ people (who are not even sick)?

- Did he mean faith in the state public health department, who I have reported myself to on multiple occassions, who have yet to assist me or to formally acknowledge my request for an investigation, which was transferred to them from The White House (on May 12, 2004)?

- Did he mean faith in my fellow citizens, the majority of whom have not been told there is a disorder named "HIV-Negative AIDS" and/or that countless scientists question whether HIV causes AIDS?

I recently read a quote by William Clarke: "Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see."  Maybe that doctor meant "Keep The Faith" in a higher-power?  Did he mean faith in God?

I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands
one nation
under G.O....

That doctor definitely could not have meant "G.O.D.", because certainly going any further would make any such statement a religious statement -- even a prayer!

Where did *faith-based* science come from?  Isn't that an oxymoron?

You can't say "God bless you" anymore when someone sneezes because you never know how someone might misconstrue the courtesy.  Why not just take the word "Christ" right out of "Christmas" by simply calling it "Merry X-mas"?  I understand and respect that not everybody believes in God and/or Christianity, but how can you take "Christ" out of "Christmas"?  He is the whole foundation of the holiday, the day intended to commemorate the birth of Christ. 

Why can't we talk openly about such important topics?  Why can't we learn from one another's perspectives, through practice and application of our various belief systems?  Why not, in our time here, try to understand and to educate one another so that we can learn from one another without judgment?

And while I am on the "Pledge-of-Alliance" soapbox:

This is no mention of NATO* in it.  U.S. Wars (fought before 1990) were fought for FREEDOM!!

There should be no United Nations, just united STATES.  USA was once free; Now, we've re-aligned ourselves with a bunch of nations, who collectively fight for oil, land, and profit (i.e., totalitarian greed).   I <3 Orwellian references!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nineteen_Eighty-Four 

Don't people remember the Revolutionary War?

* Suspiciously enough, CFS & ME patients live in Allied NATO countries:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:NATO_partnerships.svg  Globalization ain't what it's cracked up to be; we are its casualties.

Maybe that doctor just meant keeping the faith within myself, because it appears to me that as a society we just cannot talk about certain subjects anymore. Some topics have just become way too controversial --- and, well, better to dodge them altogether (hoping they will go away) than to stir the controversial pot...

I am pretty pious, as far as my religious belief system goes. I am keeping my faith, as blind as it may be. But, as pragmatic as I am, I cannot think of a time when FAITH systemically diagnosed anybody.

It is an insult to both REAL SCIENCE AND TRUE RELIGION that a scientist would tell me to "keep the faith."   

I mean seriously, we pay that man's salary?!?