Saturday, March 25, 2006


PMA caters to vendors & real estate brokers. Condo fees reflect it.

 Examples include (but definitely not limited to): 

1) Without advance communication, I was awakened by jack-hammering occurring 50' from my door. It was a pricey two-week racket for a sidewalk that serves no practical use. A backhoe monopolized 5+ precious parking spots throughout its duration. Owners weren't notified of the hazard, eye-sore, noise, dust AND major inconvenience.

To quote one neighbor (N1) (in writing): "No advance notice, no communication. Such a joke."

2) Fire alarms were tested in my building, generating a 45-minute unannounced racket. From a dead-sleep, I had to schlep outside in my pajamas. No one cared.

3) Without consult, I was mandated time when I had to allow a vendor in my condo. Vendor never showed. PMA didn't answer calls during project. I've never received a mgmt response, explanation, and/or apology. This happened to at least two other neighbors too (N2+3).  For another neighbor (N4), the vendor did show; caused damage in their unit; then the owner got billed for the repair.

4) I was mandated by Mgmt Team to allow a NYSE-traded corporation (which I've no interest in doing business) to enter my condo, as this corporation had an exclusive contract with PMA.  Despite advertising that they'd negotiate in our favor (see link), we were never compensated for our time and their free rein of our buildings. One of our trustees, who worked for this corporation, resigned and moved soon thereafter.  With no PM oversight, this corporation's 3rd party erroneously bored a hole through my neighbor's kitchen ceiling (N5). 

5) To quote N6 (in writing): "I am never surprised of how they run this place, they do whatever they want. They think they own the whole place."

6)  Despite multiple emails (including one forwarded direct from the gas company), gas meter vents were buried under ~6-8' of snow for over a month. Fire hazard.

7) "Fire exit" door was inaccessible for over a week. Fire hazard.

8) Snow plows work 24/7 with blatant disregard humans live here. 3AM: it's a flippin' racket.

9) Elevators get inspected & garages swept during rush hour to accommodate vendors, of course.

10) Already handicapped, I injured myself moving the Association's snow off my HVAC (so my family wouldn't die of fumigation). Nine medical appointments one cared.

11) Multiple owners had their vehicles trapped in the garage (N7-9), indefinitely, during a week day, unable to reach PMA. Manual pulley system, the back-up, failed to be routinely inspected. No one was made whole.

12) PMA doesn't answer or return phone calls, and don't respond to emails within their 24-hour contracted time, or they do so selectively (i.e., for certain owners and trustees). Mailings go out selectively too.  E.g., "We sent memos to just the owners of the top floor only." PM has a "defeatist attitude," according to N10 (in writing).

13) N11: "...we do not see any transparency and it creates more questions about lawfulness of this and other processes."

14) N12: "...they don't seem to care."

15) Before simply moving out, N13 was going to start a youtube channel. A real estate transaction got generated instead -- increasing attrition, devaluing property.  Upon their departure, N14+15 generated a State Real Estate Investigation for what they felt was a trustee’s intentional interference in their transaction --- i.e., trying to intimidate the buyer to cite him as the buyer’s broker.

16) PMA attended court with a vendor and volunteer without informing the Board.

17) In at least one instance, PMA got a vendor to lie for them (in writing) that our Association has a landscape policy for which there is not.  The “policy” was a complete fabrication, between two vendors and claimed that (my previously honored request to allow) shrubs to grow ~8” higher couldn't be honored.  The fabrication cost me ~$5K in window treatments.  The shrubs get cut even lower and lower now too.  I am sure just to spite me.

18) Mgmt Team spent $1000's installing light-colored carpets in a high-traffic area, driving up demand for carpet cleaning. New carpets look worse within 1-month than last ones did in 10-years.  Of course, the carpet cleaning company receives more business.

19) Auxiliary lighting failed, which should serve as back-up when electricity goes out. Owners were using flashlights in the halls. Lightbulb(s) had not been inspected/replaced.

20) When all our owners were mandated to replace water heaters,  after an entry water pipe burst on one unit, it appeared that some owners received different pricing than other owners from the *preferred vendor*. There was only one recommended vendor, and all the purchases were funneled to him.  Even when the water heaters were mandated for replacement, this same vendor was brought in to inspect all the old units, at our expense.

21) When our units needed new fire alarms (since they hit their 10-year anniversary), two vendors were recommended.  But the price differential was so great, it appears that funneling occurred again.

22) Recycling hasn't been consistently picked up in over year. Trash is routinely piled up. Two days, no dumpster at all.  Trash is frequently blowing around the property.  When new bins do eventually arrive, because we have no property manager, it's always feet from safety (i.e., you need a grappling hook to access it).  Recycling trash routinely blows down the hill.  Despite residents complaints to PMA nothing gets done.  An out-of-state family member cleaned it all up one day.  Truly a disgrace.

23) Over the past four years, I’ve reported 20+ sightings of emergency vehicles (fire + ambulance) entering the property and not being able to differentiate between buildings, due to inadequate signage. No one cares…. Real estate transactions will be generated when people die.

24) Three days before a major Holiday, an unannounced porta-potty arrived in our parking lot, where our family/guests would have to be subjected to the insanity that we deal with daily. You see, I live in a highly sought-after condominium complex, so flipping real estate is the objective. (hence the racketeering). The other day, one neighbor (N16), a friend, casually yelled through the garage.... "it's the mafia... it's the mafia." To which I replied: "yup. Clear as day."  We both laughed.  It is horrifying entertaining.

25) PMA lets unqualified community volunteers do their job of inspecting buildings. I often wonder how one particular volunteer gets paid, as this person has repeatedly stated they're acting as an "independent contractor." {validated by N17, in writing}.

This same volunteer stated (in writing) that they've engaged as an "experienced buyer" having a "conversation/negotiation" with a vendor. All validated by N18 (in community-wide memo stating that this volunteer is single-handedly negotiating contracts with vendors). 

26) This same volunteer, who also happens to be a realtor, tells owners they're "listing agent broker" for the property (validated by N19, in writing).  N20 confirmed in writing that this individual shouldn’t be a trustee.

27) This same volunteer makes "distressing" phone calls (N21) throughout the community, harassing and terrorizing residents, and calling and mailing them to sell vendor services for home improvement (e.g., constructing 2nd bathrooms, selling real estate). N22 referred to this volunteer’s action as “extortion.” PMA states that it is all: "Business as usual."

28) Condo fee structure is seriously messed up.  People with 2 parking spots, 2 baths, and 25%+ more square footage pay the same condo fee as owners with 1 parking spot + 1 bathroom.

29) The stairwells, which are rarely used, get mopped every week for the past ten years.  Yet we have no money to pay for the façade to be cleaned.  At our own expense, we were given a rate to pay to have our patio cleaned (i.e., apparently we own the exterior walls that hold-up the building).

30) Recovering from a hospital stay, today I was awakened to three unknown male contractors gutting the innards of my balcony's walls (sawing, hammering, banging, etc).  No notice. Yet another complete cluster-f*ck. No property management.  It appears to be a rather involved project, involving ladders, circular saws, 2x4's, siding removal, etc.  Tomorrow I may even ask them how many weeks they plan to be on my balcony --- generating an all-day racket (5' from my bed). 

Day-2: After my neighbor complained, we were advised, in writing, that the project got communicated to the only owners who live on the top floor --- intentionally ignoring everyone on the 1st & 2nd floors.  It's all by design, people, to trigger real estate transactions in my highly sought-after property.  It's a big flippin' RACKET.

31) Our exterior balconies are "limited common area."  With wasteful *weekly stairwell mopping* in full-force, CRCT owners were told (just five months ago) that we basically own the exterior walls that hold-up the building's roof, as owners were "strongly encouraged" to pay out-of-pocket to have *their* portion of the building's façade washed (~$60). Two years ago, yet another vendor was recommended to paint balcony floors (~$200).  I simply asked for the paint color code, and my father painted my floor (but it still cost me ~$50).

Yet this week, an announced vendor comes-in and tears-off *our* balcony siding AND sands-off all *our* paint.   ALL PAID FOR COURTESY OF OUR CONDO FEES. Talk about double-dipping!

32) Despite multiple reports, the fire boxes in the main lobby have displayed the wrong time for weeks.  Fire hazard, and no doubt against fire codes.

33) Signing contracts to protect our owners (vs *their* vendors) = OPTIONAL.

34) N23: "It's a constant Mickey Mouse here... I certainly think we should be getting more logical work done for our money." 

35) N23: "It seems like PMA jobs... are done at the "off-peak" times, When it seems their cronies on the padded payroll can make a little extra on the side and not interfere with their contracted jobs." 

36) "It's more than nuts what goes on...We really need to get rid of PMA."

37) PM is virtually non-existent, and they're not in A.

{N23 = 23 fellow owners were cited in this short list of examples.}

It's such a complete-horror-show-of-a-vendor that it’s become disturbingly, yet horrifically, entertaining.

Is Johnny Depp, Jack Nicolson and/or Oscar Isaac available for a movie sequel? To quote RFK Jr: "It's a cesspool of corruption, and a snake pit of lies..."