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Syndromes vs. Disease: CFS, GWS, AIDS, & ME

Chronic Fatigue & Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) is a syndrome, hence its name.  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) are also a syndromes. Allied government mindfully left the "ID" out of CF(ID)S to create the silly, belittling name, CFS.  Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a disease, just like Malaria or Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

GWS & CFS are AIDS-like (syndromes).
ME is MS-like (diseases).

ME patients do not have CFS.  And while some do, most CFSers' wouldn't qualify for a ME diagnosis by International Consensus Criteria (ICC). --> 36-Page PDF (Top Left, "ICC Physician's Primer")

A CFSer stating they have ME is the equivalent of an AIDS patient stating they have MS --> IT IS WRONG. 

I coined this phenomenon "disease envy."  In short, "disease envy" is stealing the name of someone else's disease because you feel it sounds better than the name of your syndrome.  Advent of "disease envy":

Unlike CFS & AIDS, there is no ICD-code for "Gulf War Syndrome." If a Gulf War veteran comes home from War, and is sick -- then infects their spouse/partner, typically these patients will get ICD-coded "CFS" --- even though they legitimately have "Gulf War Syndrome." 

Interestingly, some NON-deployed veterans suffer GWS too, due contamination of pre-deployment vaccinations.  Regardless, all these syndromes are all the same thing, with the same symptoms.

Syndromes are just a collection of signs and symptoms.  There is no one cause of any syndrome or disease.  Take lung cancer (a disease), for example, I can think of 4 causes just off the top of my head. 

Syndrome or disease, patients suffer and die of both.

E.g., AIDS (syndrome) patients die all the time.

People ignorantly talk about AIDS like its one thing, but by present-day definition, there are 29 separate and distinct types of AIDS patients (everything from TB, malaria, lung and cervical cancers); Only every 29th AIDS patient is alike.

There must be 29 separate and distinct types of CFS/GWS patients, one type being ME.  Meaning: roughly only every 29th CFS patient meets the ICC for a diagnosis of ME. The other 28 CFSers' have some other diseases.

Back in 1984-88, CFS & ME were the same exact thing. What occurred in Lake Tahoe, NV, not far from 2 AFBs, was a ME outbreak (no different than decades of ME outbreaks that preceded it).  This ME outbreak got slapped "CFS." "CFS" began in 1984! As decades have past, CFS has become just a hodge-podge of dozens of maladies.

GWS/CFS & ME will never be the same, because diseases and syndromes are two different things. 

CFS, GWS, and AIDS (all syndromes) are 100% political paradigms.

PROBLEM: Syndromes do not belong in the "International Classification of DISEASES (ICD)." 

SOLUTION:  Implode the ICD-codes for "CFS" & "AIDS.  See how easy?   Problem solved.


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